Ultimate kindergarten bundle for an easy & fun way to learn for your little ones

Kindergarten Bundle
Wanda Rodgers
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The bundle had all the things I needed to start my classroom. The website was very easy to navigate love the website.
Kadarian Stewart
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I purchased this item for my son during the pandemic. Everything was easy to use and follow.
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I love the printable and my children do too. Thank you!
Crystal Floyd
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I've been looking for ways to homeschool my son great resource! Print and go which makes life a lot easier! I can pull what I need from the packet and the visuals and activities are perfect! Thank you!
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This was so helpful for my kid. I needed to ensure her learning continued, this was great!
Patrina Norman
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I love this bundle it includes all different skills that my kindergartener needs. I love the ease of using it. Thanks you so much!

250+ page Kindergarten Bundle!

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In this bundle, you will receive 250+ pages of education packed activities.

Reading & Writing




Welcome to Active Little Kids

Hi, I’m Manisha I run this little website. I’m the mother of this beautiful little angel, she is just 4 years old.

I love to teach her but being a mother myself self I know exactly how challenging it is to teach little kids. I try to make learning fun for her as much as possible. I create activities and worksheets for her and I like to share those with other moms just like me.

What you will get in this bundle.

Reading & Writing

CVC Words

This CVC unit contains the following word family:

-at word family, -ad word family, -ag word family, -am word family, -an word family, -ap word family, -ed word family, -en word family, -et word family, -ig word family, -it word family, -ob word family, -og word family, -ot word family, -ug word family, -un word family.

Sight Words

This Sight Words unit contains the following sight words:

ask, an, any, and, as, are, at, away, all, am, by, but, could, can, come, do, every, each, fly, from, for, give, going, go, had, has, her, him, have, here, is, in, it, into, jump, just, know, let, live, like, look, may, my, many, not, of, old, over, out, put, play, round, some, stop, said, saw, take, them, think, to, there, their, that, they, than, these, up, very, when, walk, were, was, will, you, your.

Each sight word page has the following activities:

Read it, Color it, Trace it, Write it, Find and mark it, Count the syllables and Write the sentence.

Letter recognition

This unit has 26 pages where kids will find and color the specific alphabet and at the end, it will form a new alphabet.

Letter review

This unit has 26 pages, on each page kids will learn:

How to write uppercase and lowercase, Tracing, Find and circle it, Trace word and Color it.

I can read simple sentences

This is what included in this unit:

– 5 pages Read and Match! This will require students to read the simple sentences at the bottom of the page and cut them to match with the pictures.

– 5 pages Read and Draw! This will require students to read the simple sentences and draw the picture in the box.


Skip counting

In this unit, kids will do skip counting of 2s, 5s, and 10s.

What comes next patterns

This unit has multiple shape patterns and a number pattern.

Counting clip cards

This unit has 20 clip cards (1-20).

Number recognition

This unit has number recognition printables for 1 to 30.


This unit has 12 different addition activities such as:

  • Addition to 10
  • Two Objects addition
  • Missing Addends
  • Ten Frames
  • True or False Addition
  • Find and Circle Ten
  • Marbles Tens
  • Add or Subtract
  • Watermelon Addition
  • Blackboard Addition
  • Color by Addition
  • Word Problem


This unit has 12 different subtraction activities such as:

  • Subtraction to 10
  • Picture Subtraction
  • Missing Numbers
  • True or False Subtraction
  • One More and One Less
  • Dessert Subtraction
  • Marbles Subtraction
  • Roll and Subtract
  • Number Line Subtraction
  • Color Bowling Balls
  • Color by Subtraction
  • Word Problem

Time to the hour

This unit has 2 different activities:

  • Read the time on the clock and record the answer.
  • Draw the hands to show the correct times.


Animal or Plant

In this activity, students will sort the pictures of animals and plants.

Fruit or Vegetable

In this activity, students will sort the pictures of fruits and vegetables.

Heavy or Light

In this activity, students will sort which is heavy and which is light in weight.

Living or Non-living

In this activity, students will sort which is living and which is non-living.

Sink or Float

In this activity, students need to predict which objects will float or sink in the water and perform the test to match their answers.

Apple investigation

This unit has 5 different apple investigation activities. For each activity, students will predict the answer and then perform the test to match their answers.

Following are the activities:

  • How does your apple taste?
  • How many seeds are in your apple?
  • What color is your apple?
  • How tall is your apple?
  • Will your apple float or sink?

5 Senses

This unit has multiple senses activities such as:

  • Sense Sorting (3 pages)
  • Sense of Touch / Smell / Sight / Taste / Sound (5 pages)
  • Five Senses Matching (2 pages)
  • Things I Can Touch / Smell / See / Taste / Hear around me (5 pages)

Using science tools

In this unit, students will perform very simple science activities such as:

  • How Many Drops of Water Fit on a Bottle Cap? (dropper)
  • How Many Scoops Fit in Your Cup? (measuring cups)
  • Using a Balance to Compare Weights.
  • Draw four objects you see with your magnifying glass.
  • Science Tool or Toy Sort.

Label the parts

In this unit, students will label the body parts of a Plant / Bird / Fish / Dog / Human