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  • editable-name-tracing-worksheets

    Editable Name Tracing Worksheets


    In this name tracing worksheet, you can edit the names of up to 20 students at once.
    There are 2 sets of worksheets in it with 5 different activities.
    You just need to fill the student names in the table once in each set to autofill the worksheet.

    • Color, trace and write your name.
    • Trace and color the letters of your name.
    • First, last and no of letters in your name, cut and paste to build your name.
    • Find your name and draw yourself.
    • Trace and write your full name

    You can edit everything according to your requirement.

  • editable sight words worksheets

    Editable Sight Words Worksheets


    In this editable sight words worksheet, you can create unlimited sight words worksheets for letters between 2 to 9.
    Each sight words have 2 different activities.
    There are 8 separate pdfs for each 2 to 9 letters sight words.
    You just need to fill the table for each and it will autofill the worksheet instantly.

    Activities include

    • Reading
    • Tracing
    • Coloring
    • Writing
    • Spelling
    • Finding letters and words
    • Wiring missing letters
    • Cut and paste letters

    Please note these files don’t have any pre-made worksheets, you have to fill the tables to create the worksheets.

  • preschool bundle

    Pre school bundle


    120+ page Preschool Bundle!

    Here’s what you get!
    Alphabet Letter Puzzles – 7 Pages
    Alphabet Practice – 26 Pages
    Animal Game – 4 Pages
    Beginning Sounds Alphabet – 26 Pages
    Color by Numbers – 5 Pages
    Counting 1-10 – 13 Pages
    Farm Animal Book – 12 Pages
    Matching Picture – 5 Pages
    Math Activities – 10 Pages
    Number Puzzles – 3 Pages
    Numbers 1-10 – 10 Pages
    Shadow Matching – 2 Pages