Hundreds Chart for Kindergarten

Are you looking for hundreds chart for your kindergarten students? Then check these free hundreds chart worksheets.

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Hundreds Chart Worksheets

Hundreds charts are very useful for kindergarten students, it helps students in learning counting skills and improving number sense.

A hundreds chart is very helpful for kids in learning to count.

In this free worksheet, I’ve included multiple activities that will help kids in reading and writing 1-100 and enhance their counting skills.

Free Hundreds Chart

hundreds chart 1-100

This is a hundreds chart for 1 to 100, laid out from smallest to largest, kids can use this as a reference for counting.

This worksheet can be used for leaning backward counting as well as the addition actvities.

Tracing Hundreds Chart Worksheet

hundreds chart tracing

This is a tracing worksheet for 1 – 100, kids can practice writing on this worksheet.

Blank Hundreds Worksheet

blank hundreds chart

Once kids are done with tracing, you can use this blank worksheet so they can write the numbers independently.

Hundreds Chart Missing Numbers

hundreds chart missing number

In this worksheet, kids will have to write the missing numbers. This is a great way to learn to remember 1 to 100 counting.

If kids are stuck at any point you can use the main counting chart as a reference.

More and Less Hundreds Chart Worksheet

hundreds chart more less

This is a very useful worksheet, this can be used for practicing normal and backward counting as well as for addition and subtraction.

Here kids will have to use the hundreds chart as a reference and for each given number they have to find more and less numbers.

For each number from left to right, they have to subtract and add 1 respectively and from top to bottom subtract and add 10 respectively.

This will improve their addition subtraction skills.

Hundreds Chart Puzzle

hundreds chart puzzle

This is a puzzle activity, here kids will have to use the main 100s chart as a reference and solve the puzzles.

They will have to find the given number in the chart and then find the remaining numbers according to the shape of the puzzle.

Color by Numbers Hundreds Chart

hundreds chart color by numbers

This is a little fun activity, kids will have to color the chart numbers according to the color code.

Hundreds Chart Skip Counting Worksheet

hundreds chart skip counting

I’ve included skip counting worksheets as well.

Here you will skip counting activities for each number from 2 to 10.

Kids will have to write the numbers in shaded boxes.

These are perfect activities for kids to practice counting.

You can download all the worksheets from the link below.


Note: These free printable worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Altering or redistribution is not allowed in any way.

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