Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten

Are you looking for free counting worksheets?

Check these kindergarten counting worksheets they might be helpful for you.

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Free Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten

Good counting skill is a necessity for a kid to have good math skills. It builds the foundation of math.

So your kids must have good counting practice, my free counting worksheets can help you in this process.

This is a 21 page counting worksheet it includes skip counting, before number, after number, middle number, matching number, back counting, ten frame counting, count how many and cut & paste counting worksheet.

Skip Counting Worksheet

skip counting worksheet

There are 3 pages of skip counting activities, it includes 2s, 5s and 10s skip counting worksheets.

All have different orders so it will challenge kids.

After Numbers Worksheet

after numbers worksheet

This is an after numbers worksheet you’ll find 2 such pages. Here kids will simply have to write the number that comes after the given number.

This particular practice will help kids in future addition activities.

Before Numbers Worksheet

before numbers worksheet

This is a before numbers worksheet, here kids will have to write the number that will come before the given number.

Before number practice will be very helpful in building subtraction skills in kids.

Middle Numbers Worksheet

middle numbers worksheet

After doing after and before numbers it is the perfect time to introduce the middle numbers worksheet to kids.

In this worksheet, kids will have to use either before or after number skills to find the middle numbers.

Matching Numbers Worksheet

matching numbers worksheet

This is a matching numbers worksheet, here kids will have to count the objects first then draw a line with the correct number.

Back Counting Worksheet

back counting worksheet

For this kids will have to use their before number skills to complete this worksheet.

Here kids will have to write backward numbers from the given number.

Ten Frame Counting Worksheet

ten frame counting worksheet

There are two ten frame counting worksheets one is up to 10 and the other one is up to 20.

Here kids will have to color the ten frames according to the number.

Color Counting Worksheet

color counting worksheet

In this worksheet, kids will have to count the objects and then color the correct answer.

Count How Many Worksheet

count how many worksheet

For this worksheet kids will have to simply count the items and write the number in the box below.

Cut and Paste Counting

cut and paste counting worksheet

This is a cut and paste counting worksheet, here kids will have to count the items and then cut and paste the correct number.

I hope these counting practices will help your kids in improving their counting skills as well as math skills.

You can also check the counting worksheets for preschool.

You can download the pdf from the link below.


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Note: These free printable worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Altering or redistribution is not allowed in any way.

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