Free Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets

Are you looking for free kindergarten measurement worksheets?

If yes then check these free measurement worksheets.

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Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten

Learning to measure objects is a life skill that kids need to develop early in their lives. This free measurement worksheet pack can help kindergartners improve their measurement skills. Kids will learn to measure objects  by height, length, weight, size and more

Order by Height Worksheet

order by height worksheet

This is an order by height worksheet. In this worksheet, you’ll see different objects of different heights kids will have to arrange the objects by height in descending order by writing the numbers in the boxes.

Order by Length Worksheet

order by length worksheet

Next, you’ll find this order by length worksheet, here kids will write the number in descending order to arrange the objects by length.

Order by Size Worksheet

order by size worksheet

In this order by size worksheet, kids will have to write the numbers in the boxes to arrange the objects by their size in ascending order.

Order by Weight Worksheet

order by weight worksheet

This is an order by weight worksheet, here kids have to arrange the objects by their weight in ascending order by writing the number in the boxes.

Which is Heavier Worksheet

which is heavier worksheet

Next is this which is heavier worksheet, here kids will see two objects in a group they have to measure and color the heavier object.

Which is Bigger Worksheet

which is bigger worksheet

Then you’ll find this which is bigger worksheet. Similar to the which is heavier worksheet kids will have to measure and identify the bigger object among the two objects and color it.

I hope kids will enjoy these measurement activities.

Note: These free printable worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Altering or redistribution is not allowed in any way.

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