47 Large Group Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for large group activities for preschoolers? Then you are at the right place.

Keeping a group of preschoolers busy can be challenging. Check these 45 simple and enjoyable group activities that help kids learn and play together. From making crafts and exploring sensory play to playing games and doing educational exercises, these activities are designed to spark creativity, teamwork, and active play.

Let’s explore these ideas to keep every preschooler happy, engaged, and learning!

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1. Bubble Art

bubble art
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Bubble art is a fun and engaging activity for kids that combines creativity with the joy of play. Children can create vibrant, colorful artwork by blowing bubbles onto paper using simple materials like soap, water, and food coloring.

2. Hot Potato Game

hot potato game
Source: intheplayroom.co.uk

The Hot Potato game is a lively and entertaining activity for kids that encourages quick thinking and agility. Played with a soft ball or plush toy, children sit in a circle and pass the “hot potato” around while music plays.

When the music stops, the child holding the potato is out of the game.

3. Shaving Cream Marble Painting

shaving cream marble painting
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Shaving cream marble painting is a delightful and sensory-rich art activity for kids. Children can create stunning, marbled artwork using shaving cream, food coloring, and paper.

4. Oil and Water Science Exploration

oil water science exploration
Source: funlearningforkids.com

Oil and water science exploration is an engaging activity that introduces kids to basic scientific concepts in a fun and hands-on way. Children can observe how these liquids interact using everyday materials like oil, water, and food coloring.

5. Play Duck Duck Goose

play duck duck goose
Source: childhood101.com

Duck Duck Goose is a classic outdoor game that kids love for its simplicity and fun. Children sit in a circle while one child walks around, gently tapping each child’s head and saying “duck” until they choose someone to be the “goose.”

The chosen goose must then chase the tapper around the circle, trying to tag them before they can sit in the goose’s spot.

6. Classroom Escape Room

classroom escape room
Source: teachingideas.ca

A classroom escape room is an immersive and educational activity that challenges kids to solve puzzles and work together to “escape” within a set time.

7. Edible Volcano

edible volcano
Source: raisingwhasians.com

Creating an edible volcano is a delicious and educational activity that kids will love.

8. Number Bingo

number bingo
Source: artsyfartsymama.com

Number Bingo is a fun and educational game designed to help children practice number recognition and improve their math skills.

9. Bucket Drumming

bucket drumming
Source: teachingideas.ca

Bucket drumming is a fun way for kids to learn about making music with things like buckets and sticks. With just a few plastic buckets and drumsticks, children can create various beats and rhythms, exploring different sounds and patterns.

10. Alphabet Bingo Game

alphabet bingo game
Source: twokidsandacoupon.com

Alphabet Bingo is an educational and entertaining game that helps young children learn their letters in a fun, interactive way.

11. Rainbow Jelly Sensory Bin

rainbow jelly sensory bin
Source: taminglittlemonsters.com

A Rainbow Jelly Sensory Bin is a vibrant and tactile activity perfect for engaging children’s senses. Ideal for home or classroom use, it encourages imaginative play and creativity.

12. Feed Me Monster Bean Bag Toss

feed me monster bean bag toss
Source: teachingideas.ca

The Feed Me Monster Bean Bag Toss is a playful and engaging activity that combines motor skills with imaginative play. Featuring a colorful “monster” with an open mouth target, kids take turns tossing bean bags into the mouth to “feed” the monster.

13. Colour Matching Game

color matching game
Source: thesoccermomblog.com

The Colour Matching Game is a fun and educational activity designed to help young children learn and recognize different colors.

Perfect for preschool classrooms or at-home learning, it provides a simple yet effective way to make learning colors interactive and enjoyable.

14. Simon Says

simon says
Source: simply-well-balanced.com

Simon Says is a classic game that combines listening skills with physical activity. One player takes the role of “Simon” and gives commands to the other players, such as “Simon says touch your toes.”

This game enhances children’s ability to listen carefully and follow instructions while promoting physical movement and coordination.

15. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

alphabet scavenger hunt
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

An Alphabet Scavenger Hunt is an engaging way for kids to learn and practice their ABCs. This activity combines physical movement with learning, making it perfect for active youngsters.

16. Spider Web Obstacle Course

spider web obstacle course
Source: mamasmiles.com

The Spider Web Obstacle Course is an exciting physical activity that transforms any space into a web of fun. This activity promotes gross motor skills, balance, and coordination while adding a sense of adventure.

17. Counting with Cards

counting with uno cards
Source: kiddycharts.com

Counting with Cards is a simple and effective way to help young children develop their number recognition and counting skills. It enhances mathematical understanding, memory, and fine motor skills.

18. Paper Plate Apple Craft

paper plate apple craft
Source: simpleeverydaymom.com

The Paper Plate Apple Craft is a simple and creative activity perfect for young children. Using a paper plate, paint, and construction paper, kids can create a colorful apple.

This activity can help kids develop fine motor skills and allows children to explore their creativity.

19. Yoga for Kids

yoga for kids
Source: kumarahyoga.com

Through simple poses and playful activities, kids can improve their flexibility, balance, and concentration. Yoga also promotes relaxation and mindfulness, helping children manage stress and develop a sense of inner calm.

20. Apple Stamp Pumpkin Craft

apple stamp pumpkin craft
Source: simpleeverydaymom.com

Did your kids like making apple crafts? Awesome! Here’s another fun one: apple pumpkin stamping. It’s just messy enough to keep them engaged and having a blast.

21. Texture Rubbing Art

texture rubbing art
Source: redtedart.com

Texture Rubbing Art is an engaging activity that introduces kids to the world of textures and patterns. This activity enhances observational skills, fine motor control, and artistic creativity.

22. Fall Playdough Craft

fall playdough craft
Source: theinspirationedit.com

Fall Playdough Craft is a seasonal activity that combines creativity with sensory play. In this activity, kids can learn to make their own branches and leaves.

23. Letter Recognition Worksheet

letter recognition worksheet
Source: booksandgiggles.com

Letter Recognition Worksheets are essential tools for helping young children learn and identify the alphabet.

Here’s a fun activity that might help you out. It’s a worksheet with a zoo theme, but you can change it to any theme you want.

24. Kitchen Utensil Painting

kitchen utensil painting
Source: littlebinsforlittlehands.com

Kitchen Utensil Painting is a creative and exploratory art activity for kids using everyday kitchen tools. This activity encourages experimentation with different techniques and materials, enhancing fine motor skills and artistic expression.

25. Freeze Tag

freeze tag
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Freeze Tag is a lively outdoor game that combines physical activity with quick thinking. It is a classic game that provides endless fun and encourages kids to stay active and interact with their peers.

26. Mystery Box

mystery box
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

The Mystery Box is a cool activity that gets kids curious and helps them use their senses. You put different things in a box, and kids have to feel them and guess what they are without seeing. It helps them explore by touch and learn how to describe things.

27. Sensory Walk

sensory walk
Source: teachingideas.ca

A Sensory Walk is a wonderful activity that allows children to explore different textures and sensations using their feet.

28. Spaghetti Bead Tower

spaghetti bead tower
Source: glitteronadime.com

The Spaghetti Bead Tower is a cool activity that mixes fine motor skills with building stuff. It’s great for STEM activities in class or just playing at home.

29. Stacking Cups STEM Challenge

stacking cups stem challenge
Source: teachingideas.ca

The Stacking Cups STEM Challenge is an engaging and educational activity that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

30. Musical Alphabet Game

musical alphabet game
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

The Musical Alphabet Game is an interactive and educational activity that combines music with letter recognition. Ideal for preschool and kindergarten classrooms, the Musical Alphabet Game makes learning letters fun and active.

31. Fizzy Painting

fizzy painting
Source: taminglittlemonsters.com

Fizzy Painting is an exciting art activity that combines creativity with a bit of science. Using baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring, children can create colorful, fizzy reactions on paper.

This activity promotes fine motor skills, scientific curiosity, and artistic expression.

32. Shadow Puppet Play

shadow puppet play
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Shadow Puppet Play is a delightful and imaginative activity that allows children to create and tell stories using shadows. By crafting simple puppets from paper and using a light source like a flashlight or lamp, kids can project shadows onto a wall or screen.

This activity encourages creativity, storytelling, and fine motor skills.

33. Cheerios Bracelet

cheerios bracelet
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Making a Cheerios Bracelet is a fun and tasty activity that combines crafting with fine motor skill development.

This activity encourages hand-eye coordination, counting, and creativity as kids design their edible jewelry.

34. DIY Slime With No Glue

diy slime with no glue
Source: thesoccermomblog.com

In this activity, kids will learn to make slimes in an alternative way without using glue.

35. Fireworks Marble Painting

fireworks marble painting
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Fireworks Marble Painting is a vibrant and creative art activity that mimics the explosive beauty of fireworks.

Ideal for celebrations like New Year’s or the Fourth of July, Fireworks Marble Painting offers a festive and fun way to create unique artwork.

36. Counting Flowers in Your Neighborhood

counting flowers
Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Counting Flowers in Your Neighborhood is a delightful outdoor activity that combines nature exploration with math skills.

As children walk around their neighborhood or a park, they can count and record the different types of flowers they see.

37. Robot Dance-A Little Gross Motor Fun

robot dance little gross motor fun
Source: sarajcreations.com

Robot Dance is a fun and energetic activity that encourages children to move their bodies like robots.

This activity fosters creativity and physical fitness while allowing children to express themselves through imaginative and playful movements.

38. Paper Plate Emotion Masks

paper plate emotion masks
Source: notimeforflashcards.com

Paper Plate Emotion Masks are a creative way for kids to learn about and express different emotions.

This activity helps children understand and communicate their emotions while developing fine motor skills and creativity.

39. Story Stones

story stones
Source: frugalmomeh.com

Story Stones are a creative and interactive way for children to engage in storytelling. Using small, smooth stones, kids can paint or draw different images, characters, and scenes on each stone.

These stones can then be used to create and tell stories, enhancing imaginative play and language skills.

40. Parachute Games for Toddlers

parachute games for toddlers
Source: frugalginger.com

Parachute Games for Toddlers are lively and cooperative activities that promote physical development and teamwork. Using a colorful parachute, children can engage in various games.

These games provide a fun and engaging way for toddlers to exercise and learn to work together while enjoying the vibrant and dynamic movements of the parachute.

41. Lava Lamp Experiment for Kids

lava lamp experiment
Source: funlearningforkids.com

The Lava Lamp Experiment is a fascinating and educational activity that demonstrates the principles of density and chemical reactions.

This experiment promotes scientific curiosity and observation skills.

42. Milk Science Experiment

magic milk science experiment
Source: funlearningforkids.com

The Milk Science Experiment is a colorful and educational activity that explores the reactions between milk, food coloring, and dish soap.

This activity is an engaging way to introduce children to basic scientific concepts through a visually stunning and interactive experience.

43. Zoo Animals Roll And Move Game

zoo animals roll and move game
Source: pre-kpages.com

The Zoo Animals Roll and Move Game is an interactive and educational activity that combines physical movement with learning about animals.

This game promotes gross motor skills, coordination, and knowledge of animal behaviors.

44. Pop Bottle Bowling

pop bottle bowling
Source: handsonaswegrow.com

Pop Bottle Bowling is a fun and eco-friendly activity that repurposes plastic bottles into a bowling game.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, Pop Bottle Bowling is easy to set up and provides endless entertainment.

45. What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

whats the time mr wolf
Source: childhood101.com

What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf? is a fun and interactive outdoor game that combines counting skills with physical activity.

This game promotes counting, listening skills, and physical coordination.

46. DIY Dust Bunny Puppets

diy dust bunny puppets
Source: earlylearningideas.com

Let’s create some goofy rhyming puppets and use them to play with rhyming words. Your kids will have a blast and won’t even notice they’re learning!

47. Please, Mr Crocodile

please mr crocodile
Source: childhood101.com

Please, Mr. Crocodile is an engaging outdoor game that combines movement and strategy. This game enhances listening skills, quick thinking, and physical agility.

I hope your preschooler will love these activities.

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