Free valentine’s day worksheets for kindergarten

Are you getting ready for the valentine’s day then your little ones would love these free valentine’s day worksheets.

Valentines day worksheets pin

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Free valentine’s day worksheets for kindergarten

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This includes counting, patterns, letter writing, letter matching, pre-writing and maze worksheets.

Valentine’s day counting worksheet

Valentines day counting worksheet

In this worksheet kids need to count the objects and circle the correct number.

This is a great way for children’s to learn counting.

Valentine’s day pattern worksheet

Valentines day pattern worksheet

In this pattern worksheet, children’s need to guess and paste the correct pattern.

Valentine’s day prewriting worksheet

Valentines day prewriting worksheet

In this pre-writing worksheet, kids need to trace the line to connect the letter with the heart.

This will help to improve their writing skills.

Valentine’s day letter matching worksheet

Valentines day letter matching worksheet

With this valentine’s day letter matching worksheet, your little ones need to match the uppercase letters with lowercase letters.

It will improve their letter recognition skills.

Valentine’s day letter writing worksheet

Valentines day letter writing worksheet

For the letter writing worksheet kids need to fill in the missing letters to complete the alphabet set of A to Z.

Valentine’s day maze worksheet

Valentines day maze worksheet

Kids will enjoy this maze worksheet, here they need to draw the path that will help the letter to reach the post box.

This activity will help improve their problem solving skills.

I hope your little ones will love these free valentine’s day worksheets.

You can also use some heart coloring pages this Valentine.

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