Farm Busy Book for Preschool

Do you your kids to know more about farm animals?

Then these are perfect worksheets for you.

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Farm Busy Book Printables

Farm animals are the animals kids generally find around them. So if kids get to know more about these animals they can easily relate to them.

These worksheets can be a fun and interactive way to teach them.

Whether your kids are in preschool or kindergarten you can use these worksheets.

There are different activities in this busy book.

  • Shadow Matching
  • Shapes Matching
  • Color Matching
  • Puzzle Matching
  • Big and Small Matching
  • Many and One Matching
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Count and Match
  • Food Matching
  • Duck Life Cycle
  • Alphabet Matching
  • Line Tracing
  • Matching Pictures

The worksheets need some preparation before you can start using them.

You have to print out the worksheets first and then cut out the images from the pdf. For convenience, all the images that need to be cut out are placed right after each activity.

So you know exactly what will be placed where.

After that ideally, you should laminate all the worksheets and cut-outs individually so kids can re-use them again and again.

You can attach velcros on the worksheets so kids can easily place and attach the cutouts themselves.

You can either add all the worksheets in a binder if you want to use it as a book or you can keep them separately if you wish to distribute different activities to different kids.

If you are interested in this farm busy book you can buy it from the link below.

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